As I sit in a position of representative democracy, being an elected official by the citizens of my great city, I see another huge group of people in the community who has a big voice, but sometimes are often silent. This group of people, when engaged can make a tremendous in our communities. I am talking about the local church.

I believe that the local church and the individuals that comprise the local church can make an enormous impact in our communities. The church can restore and bring back the trust that has been lost. God now needs His voice to be heard in our communities through His children.

. . and let them have dominion

Genesis 1: 26-28

God has given us dominion to govern, to control, to master, to lead, to rule, to bring order to and to have authority over this earth. We are to have dominion in every facet of society. It is our God given ability to have control over our environment and our surroundings, which includes our communities. God has given us the desire to lead. We have been equipped to do so.

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