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Protein Packs a Punch!

Protein is prominent among bodybuilders, athletes and just about any fitness enthusiast, protein is one of the key nutrients used by your body to support muscle growth and repair, bone, teeth, and hair, among other things.

Unlike other nutrients, your body cannot assemble protein by combining other nutrients, so it needs to be prioritized if you’re to achieve your healthiest (and best looking) physique.

A constant supply of protein in the body keeps you in an anabolic hormonal state which aids in muscle building and fat loss.

In fact, protein is one of the most metabolic macronutrients, meaning that the more protein you eat the more calories you burn.

But don’t forget-calories are still calories so you don’t over do it.

Eating Tip: Protein should be set about 1 gram per body of goal body weight. If you’re very active, you can veer slightly upward, but it’s not necessary.

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