Weathering The Storm: Leading in Uncertain Times

Weathering The Storm: Leading in Uncertain Times

It’s been said that you are either in a storm, just coming out of a storm or headed towards a storm! While as a leader this isn’t the most encouraging news you’ve heard lately, it’s the reason why you’re a leader. It’s why you’re needed so badly!

Without storms, true leadership would never be required! People need leaders to help them navigate the uncertain feelings storms bring into their lives. Guess what? You are that leader! You’ve been called to lead other people through the storms of uncertainty and change.

In fact, God must think very highly of you for Him to trust you to lead in the 21st Century where change is the only thing on the planet that stays the same.  Constant changes in technology and the marketplace results in continual change in every sector of life including, the Church. You already know, His message never changes, but our methods must change if we will be effective in our mission. (Note: think of the Amish people and immediately you’ll understand why changes in our methods are a must)!

Moreover, the people you preach to, teach, and disciple live in a world, Monday through Friday, that shapes how they perceive, interact, and what they expect. For instance, you probably use e-mail to communicate with your congregants. Do you know why? It’s because your people were first exposed to it in the marketplace (on their jobs) and it became an acceptable and anticipated form of communication in God’s kingdom.

In light of the above a few questions come to mind. How do we effectively lead people whose lives are constantly affected by change? How do we lead with so many “moving parts” that seemingly remain in motion? What type of leadership qualities do you need to be effective in the 21st Century?

Below are a few starter thoughts for your consideration. We’ll be back later to expound more on Weathering the Storm: Leading in Uncertain Times.

  • Lead with God Confidence. Let uncertainty remind you that your trust (confidence) must remain in God, not your ability. You’ve been hand chosen to lead by God. You don’t have to know all the answers upfront, just the one with all the answers!
  • Lead Consistently. Don’t let changing times change you! People trust leaders who are consistent despite changing circumstances. In fact, they look for and to them specifically during times of change.
  • Lead Courageously. Remember your “why” when your “what” seems overwhelming. Ambrose Redman says, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear”. God’s “why” inside of you is far greater than the “what” before you!

Dr. Don is a Dream Strategist & Leadership Doctor who helps visionaries get where they want faster. He consults & coaches pastors to put winning strategy to visionary dreams. He is a highly sought after speaker and the lead pastor of the Canaan Church International located in Atlanta, GA where he resides with his wife of 25 years, Mona, and their three children Brandon, Chantelle, and Aaron. For more information on Dr. Don visit


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