Meet The Visionary

Donna McGowan


A visionary entrepreneur whose passion has always been to impact leaders that impact lives. As a little girl growing up in Jamaica, West Indies Donna’s dad would always place her in the Track Meets to run with the adults. Now she lives to run her own race and help others do the same thing. “I thrive on seeing people succeed.”

This passion compelled her to utilize her gift through the startup of N.O.W. in February 2001. Since Donna takes a holistic approach having the whole woman in mind and the impact she has in her sphere of influence, women leaders and entrepreneurs while learning are intuitively led to lead from a place of wholeness. Donna designed N.O.W. with this in mind, knowing that a healthy self breathes healthy relationships. As founder of N.O.W. for over 4 years Donna worked with faith-based leaders city-wide, crossing denominational and ethnical walls providing a safe place where they came and share their needs, receive counseling, training and development to increase their self-awareness, and the ability to more efficiently fulfill their duties while living a balanced life.  Through our focus group sessions, leadership development seminars, workshops and conferences, N.O.W. served more than 2,000 individuals and impacted over several hundred women leaders in the Houston community.

Donna’s desire to reach out and do more on a larger scale for faith-based leaders was actualized in 2006 with the incorporation of Expanding Leaders Horizons NOW. Expanding Leaders Horizons NOW, Inc., is a Non-Profit Corporation recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3). ELHN provides leadership, business, and social skills to empower leaders in the non-profit/faith-based sector for impactful purposes in their lives and the lives of others.  ELHN also promotes capacity building in the management of their financial and human resources to better meet their social purpose and have a greater impact on society.

Her vision to continually expand and create innovative paths to meet the needs of leaders led to her latest endeavor, an interactive Web-based multimedia website; The website’s multiple forms of media and content will place a wealth of information at the fingertips of the leader. This platform enables the leader to make the most of his/her time by controlling the when, where, what and how of the delivery.

With a desire to keep discovering her wealth within, Donna has a hunger to see women in leadership lead from a place of wholeness……..Coming soon………………a web-based platform for Pastors’ wives.