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Sabrina Oliphant was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago and has won that fight, which was very costly. Now the cancer cells have moved to her brain and her fight begins again... This is a cause to help support Sabrina Oliphant and join her in her fight against inoperable brain cancer. The treatment to fight this condition is extremely costly. Your ongoing support or one time donation would be greatly appreciated. The monthly goal is approximately $10,000.00 per month! This would cover her treatment and living expenses during this time. You may donate by completing the online secure giving form below, or going to any WELLS FARGO BANK location and making a deposit to: WON TouchNow, Sabrina Oliphant/Benefit Miracle Cure Cancer Fund Your charitable donations are tax deductable. Please keep your email receipt and thank you letter to file with your tax records as proof of your gift. If you donated through Wells Fargo Bank please contact us for a Charitable Receipt Letter for tax purposes from our organization. Making your donations by check makes it easier for us to redeem a copy for our records. Thank you for your giving in support of Sabrina Oliphant through WON-TouchNOW.
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