Company Overview


ELHN is a new and vital platform for leaders; especially faith-based leaders to assist them in maintaining and reestablish focus and sustained energy for themselves and their organization. Our goal is to perpetuate the alignment of information and resources with the leader’s goals to assist them and their organization to achieve success by impact leaders that impact lives.

 Our Mission Our dynamic approach is to put the wealth of information and resources at the fingertips of faith-based leaders to align them and their organization to achieve success. Our philosophy is to help you stay balanced and achieve extraordinary levels of performance; operating more efficiently, garnering more time to do what you do best

Our Impact Our focus is on bringing healthy transformational change mentally, physically, spiritually and financially into the lives of leaders. Pastors and pastor wives impact hundreds if not thousands of individuals in their community, nationally and internationally as well.

Our services improves the ability of the leader to more efficiently and effectively  live out their maximum potential while impacting those in there sphere of influence on a greater scale, causing transformational change in the leader’s life that transcends over into the lives of their congregations and the lives they touch having a positive economical impact on society.

The Vision #1 place leaders turn to, to meet their needs. Our business is dedicated to strengthening and impacting leaders that impact lives.

NOW Leaders is meeting those needs through innovative resources and practical paths designed to impact the leader in every area of life. We are in the process of implementing a secure membership web-based designed for Pastors and their wives. As we continue to see constant growth, we continue to expand our scope of outreaches to meet the need of leaders.

Coming soon………….. an interactive web-based platform just for Pastors’ Wives.