About NOW

Our Mission

ELHN Mission - Impacting Leaders That Impact Lives To provide leadership, business and social skills to leaders in the not-for profit community/faith based sector to empower leaders for impactful purpose in their lives and the lives of others. To also, promote capacity building in the management of the leaders financial and human resources to better meet their social purpose and have a greater impact on society.

Expanding Leaders Horizons

  • Beginnings

    Since our humble beginnings ELHNow has positioned itself to be of major impact in the lives of women. One of our thriving and successful areas of focus for women leaders started in Dec. of 2000 and developed into our NOW Leaders Fellowship that catered to pastors' wives. For over 4 years we worked with pastors and their wives, while focusing our efforts to meet the needs of the pastors' wives working city-wide crossing denominational and ethnical walls. We provided a safe place where individuals shared their needs, receive counseling, training and development to increase their ability to more efficiently fulfill their foremost duty to self while impacting their ability and capacity to complete their family, and organizational duties. Our heartbeat for women remains strong then and now. Our vision is to see women achieve total fulfillment, operating at their maximum potential to eradicate the hurdles of the pass. Our vision continues to expand enabling us to reach out and touch the lives of women everywhere.